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Kaiser Fieldbow Take Down Eger 64 Inch

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Named for the historic Eger Castle in Hungary, the Kaiser Eger Field bow is a classic, takedown recurve design. The unique, screw fitting limb offers a customized fit with the riser for a perfectly unified look. A richly colored Bubinga and Amazque wood riser with vertical accent stripe, provides a durable and warp resistant handle, and perfectly shows the attractive wood grain. The cut and raw materials combine to provide increased weight over many comparable models for superior shot feel, stability and balance, while the 64” length make for both maneuverability and a forgiving shot. Clear backed limbs allow for the distinctive Zebrano wood grain of the limbs to show through for a natural look. The Eger features reinforced limb tips to allow for the use of the best modern string materials - ideal for those who both value style and performance.
Eger Takedown Recurve
• Takedown recurve.
• Bubinga, Amazoque and Zebrano wood construction.
• Ergonomic grip.
• Wide arrow shelf.
• Designed for a balanced and smooth shot.
• Shipped with Kaiser brand, customized bow sleeve,
  string and rest.
Archery Service Center Tech Team 2018

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Price From: €477.64