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K&K Archery Vanes KSL Jet 6 1-3/4 Inch

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Those super spin wings are inspired by world coach Kisik Lee. The KSL Jet6 vanes are designed with focus on aerodynamics, with a Unique design and made of durable material is an arrow quickly in a stabile arrow flight. Jet6 vortex helps the arrow flight fast and stable so to give accuracy, consistency and forgiveness in any circumstances.
It keeps the kinetic energy until hitting the target by optimizing the air flow and arrow spin so the full potential  of the archers and equipment’s can be used with minimum loss. Archer's paradox is effectively alleviated at the early stage of arrow flight. Jet6 Aerodynamics implements fast and stable flight of an arrow Straightforward even under wind this means les drag.
The KSL Jet 6 are available for both recurve and compound.
Archery Service Center Tech Team 2018

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