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Zniper Arrowrest

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Quick Overview

Robust construction made of CNC milled aluminum, black anodized.
Stable support finger made of 1.5 mm stainless steel wire.
Pad wire not oblique, but approximately 90 ° to the arrow.
Thereby hardly any change in the height of the arrow with lateral adjustment of the Button's
Tunes easy and defined adjustable
Pad wire disappears immediately after releasing from the trajectory of the arrow and does not spring back and the dart flight is not affected.
The edition sets the arrow, especially at low taps, no
Opposition -> arrow does not jump up
The arrow flies better
Compared to stiff pads, the tap will be, especially for short distances, shift up
What is in the deliverybox
One Zniper black, right or left
Two replacement screws nylon 
Two replacement screws steel
Two replacements screws steel for wire
One Bergerhole fixing screw 5/16-24 inch stainless steel
One tool kit
One description
This product is selected by Archery Service Center Tech Team as a Big A Choice
Archery Service Center Tech Team 2018

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